2007March26, Monday

Sesame Street and the Muppets

Posted in Uncategorized at 19:37 by Trey Austin

When i was little, i used to watch the Muppets and Sesame Street all the time. Sesame is still on TV (with a crazy new theme song), but the Muppets aren’t on anymore. I used to love to watch all of the different things on both shows, and recently, in trying to keep my daughter occupied, i went on YouTube and looked up some Muppets and Sesame Street stuff to show her. I think she was occupied pretty well; she seemed thoroughly to enjoy all of the sketches i pulled up (especially the upbeat musical ones). Here are two that were among my favorites:

This one is from Sesame Street. It’s Kermit singing the alphabet to an African acapella accompaniment. It tells a story successively through the letters of the alphabet.

I always loved it when i was little, but ever since i went to Africa myself (Tanzania), i love it even more. It’s a beautiful continent with many beautiful people. I want to go back again.

This one is the famous “Mahnahmahnah” skit from the Muppet Show. It’s a classic. Anyone that has seen it or heard it, you’ll know why it’s so funny. Coincidentally, lots of commercials have been using this song lately. Hope you enjoy them as much as i did (do!).


  1. Amber said,

    gee thanks. I let the boys watch these before school this morning and I’ve been hearing “do doooo do dodo… mahnahmahnah” echoing around the house ever since. lol.

    I might start letting them listen to the Kermit alphabet song every now and again instead of the one that came with their phonics cirriculum. Kermit’s is much lovlier.

  2. Trey Austin said,

    That’s great to hear! Be sure you get them to sing “Mahnahmahnah” when they come to visit again. I’d love to hear that.

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