2007March24, Saturday

Sin of Thinking Highly of Ourselves but Little of Others

Posted in Confession of Sin at 18:27 by Trey Austin

Exalted Father in Heaven above, we come before you this day confessing our great pride and haughtiness by which we think so highly of ourselves, but think so little of others—even you, the great God and King above all gods. We are ashamed at how we are often puffed up with arrogance and vainglory when we are nothing, and so we pray that you will forgive us. As we approach your holy presence, we are brought low by your chastening hand and humbled by your swift rebuke, but we thank you that, through your chastisement, you assure us that we are beloved children. So we pray that you would remove all guilt and sin from us, for the sake of Christ, who was truly humble in all he did, yet has now attained to the highest place in heaven and on earth. We pray that, through his blood and righteousness, and by his ceaseless intercession, we would be welcomed into your presence to fellowship and commune with you, the majestic God, high and lifted up, in whose strength we pray, Amen.


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