2007March24, Saturday

Life Update

Posted in My Life at 15:28 by Trey Austin

It’s been a few days now since i’ve put any kind of post here on my blog. I’ve just been trying to relax and take it easy. My wife is pregnant with our second child, so things are moving slow around here. She’s been trying to sleep this afternoon, somewhat unsuccessfully (because the windows are open and we live in the church manse right next to a major highway). As i said before, they think she might have kidney stones, and she’s waiting to get the results back on the ultasound that they did on her kidney (they’d normally do an MRI or other X-ray, but because of the baby, they won’t do that). One upshot was that they did an ultasound on the baby while they were at it, and they gave us some pictures of the little Covenant Child, around 10 weeks along now.

Last night was a pretty good night. I went to see 300, the movie about the Spartan warriors who fought against Persian invaders. It was a really good movie, i though. The graphic scenes, in my opinion, were not simply gratuitous but were important elements (even if somewhat overdone) in the movie’s storyline. I’ll talk more about the movie later.

When i got home, though, i made some salad and grilled chicken for supper. My wife tells me that i make the world’s best grilled chicken, better than anyone else and any restaurant. I don’t know if it’s true, but we enjoy it.

After supper, while my wife watched some Lifetime movie about a woman breaking the commandment against seeking revenge, i watched the first DVD from Star Trek: Enterprise. I remember seeing all three of those episodes when the series first started in 2001, but i somehow didn’t get into the series after that. I decided, though, to give Enterprise another look-see, and so, since i’m getting DVDs from Netflix, i figured i’d go through the whole series. I think that part of the reason i didn’t like it the first time around is because it isn’t very “Star Trekkie,” but having seen that Enterprise explains alot of things on how we goet to the point of the original Star Trek series, and some inconsistencies (not all of them that i have noted, i know that!) like why the original Klingons in the first Star Trek series didn’t have forehead ridges or seemed more underhanded than just violent and belligerent (which is the way Klingons since TNG have been presented). So, i’m going to be getting the those DVDs and seeing how things go with it. I may enjoy it more than i did the first time, but my guess is that it won’t be that good, since not even the most devoted Trekkies (i’m just a moderate Trekker) didn’t watch it enough to keep it on the air past four years (the three most recent franchises before it all went seven years each).

At any rate, i had a good time last night. It was a very relaxing and enjoyable evening.


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