2007March24, Saturday

“Hey, Did You Go to Sodom and Gomorrah’s Wedding?”

Posted in Uncategorized at 19:30 by Trey Austin

An interesting article in the USA Today: http://www.usatoday.com/news/religion/2007-03-07-teaching-religion-cover_N.htm. One interesting thing that many high schoolers believe is that Sodom and Gomorrah were two individuals who happened to be married (two men, no doubt they think!). Notice how amused i am ————> 😐

Basically, the article highlights from a rather “secular” religious(i think you’ll see what i’m talking about when you read it) point of view the great dearth of biblical knowledge anyone has in our present social and cultural milieu. The fellow that the article quotes is right: with all the religious arguments made on all kinds of things; and with all of the religious allusions made in pop culture, speeches, literature, and television; a lack of understanding of basic religious principles for most world religions means an inexcusable ineptitude on the part of the American public.

But really, academicians shouldn’t be the ones caterwauling about such phenomena; they are the ones who produced it. Academia has produced a very low view of all religions, and especially Christianity in, i believe, two particular ways. First, they have demeaned as no better than fairy-tales all religious claims. Do we believe that a woman named Snow White really was put to sleep by a wicked witch with a poisoned apple and that she was awakened by a handsome prince? Well, then why would you believe that a woman named Chavah (Eve), wife of the first man, Adam, ate some fruit at the behest of a snake and caused all men to plunge into a state of sin and guilt? One is equal to the other, or so the religion and philosophy departments of most colleges and universities would have us believe. It is, after all, “unscientific” to believe in fairy-tales; truly scientific people have their own ways of explaining the origin of all things—but that don’t answer all the question, hard as they might—an explanation that, over time, has become so inculcated into the consciousness of all those educated at the Academy of American Socialization and Indoctrination (AKA “public schools”) that there is no other valid way of looking at the information. It is scientific heresy to do anything but toe the “scientific” line, and he will be marked and shunned by the new secular inquisition if he does otherwise.

The second thing that they have done is to advocate feminism and the sexual revolution. This has done more to undermine the Christian faith than almost anything else in the history of the Church. By freeing people from their in-born inhibitions (which are part of our conscience that Jehovah has given to us), and by telling people that the only thing we should worry about is the fulfillment of our baser desires and lusts, they have convinced people (not by argument but by repetition) that anyone who tries to stifle those baser desires wants us to deny our own selves and what we were “created” (by whom? Let’s be honest, “evolved”—we’re all just animals no different than dogs and monkeys, after all; where are their morals?) to be. They have convinced women that they should be just as lewd and lascivious as men have been known to be (“Girls Gone Wild”), and so they encourage women to have unrestrained sexual intercourse with whomever and whenever they feel–something with which most horn-balled, post-adolescent boys (not really men) won’t argue. Of course, that’s apt to produce babies, so the answer is birth control to prevent that, and failing that to abort them–and don’t let anyone make you feel bad about it, because it’s your right to do. All the while men get to abdicate any responsibility (except maybe the occasional child-support check for a “baby mama”) that they would have in any kind of marriage relationship. All of this is calculated by the Enemy to cut to the heart of Christianity with its calls for people to take responsibility, to raise families, to control oneself and fight against those baser lusts. Who wants to follow a religion that completely denies all of the “freedoms” that they think they have won for themselves? No one, unless what vaunts itself to be “Christian” has so perverted the real thing as to become something that it never has been (for a good example of this, look at the mainline Protestant Churches of the UMC, TEC, and PCUSA).

Both of these things (and some other factors, but i believe these are the two major ones) have produced an attitude of hostility (what an understatement!) toward anything religious and all things specifically Christian—especially those who are ideologically so. Why would collegians, secondary schoolers, and primary schoolers who have been reared in that context ever think it to their benefit to learn anything “religious”? The only possible reason would be to use that knowledge to undermine the thing, but why go to all the energy to put together an intelligent argument when you can just yell louder and louder and get more people to yell with you until you have put down any of that religious rabble who would say anything contrariwise?

Unless that social, cultural, and educational context changes, the current state of affairs will continue (and worse), no matter the protestations of the few who think that the Bible is, at least, good literature.


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