2007March14, Wednesday

Takin’ A Little Trip

Posted in Uncategorized at 0:59 by Trey Austin

Angela, LilliAna, and i all came down yesterday to Greer, SC, where my family lives, and where i’m from, to visit with my family. Angela had an appointment at the hospital in Johnson City to get some bloodwork and some tests; they think she might have a kidney stone. I tell you, when they stuck her with that needle, i bet the people on the other side of the hospital heard her. She’s deathly affraid of needles, my wife.

At any rate, because we had to go down to Johnson City anyway, and because the midwife Angela used for LilliAna is here in Greenville, and she wants to use her again for Covenant Child #2 (due October 28), we decided to come on down. My dad’s been down with his back. He’s got a herneated disk. He can hardly do what he normally does (pastor, preach, make and repair lamps, improvement projects around the house, &c.), so i’m going to try and help a little bit. I can’t preach for him or pastor his church (i have enough of that on my own), but i can help with some projects and some lamps. I worked with him in his lamp doctor business before i moved to Virginia.

We’ll be here ’til Saturday, so if you need me, just post a comment, and i’ll get your message. I may blog a bit while i’m here. We’ll see.

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