2007March9, Friday

All You Have to Do Is Dre-e-e-e-eam, Dream, Dream, Dream!

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What do you think about the pheonomenon of people (especially Muslims) having dreams and visions about Jesus, and becoming believers through them?

Take a gander at what this site has to show (video accounts of the testimonies included).

This could start an interesting discussion, not only about that how God can, at times, save apart from the outward and ordinary means present in the Church, but also that this site claims that the people who experienced these visions and dreams and became believers were “God-fearing” (recalling images of Cornelius as a God-fearing Gentile but without the explicit knowledge of Christ or the Gospel).

What do you think?



  1. Bradford said,

    I think yo’ momma had a dream.

  2. Tim Prussic said,

    This is an interesting topic: cessationism.

    I think (that is, the last time I thought this through – about 8 or 9 years ago in college) I’m a weak cessationist. That is, I think that Bible doesn’t say that all the extraordinary gifts are absolutely no more, but that there could be contexts in which these gifts could be given again. The stong cessationist says that they’re gone: bye bye.

    One of the contexts in which I can imagine the gifts (including dreams and visions) functioning is in brand new areas where the gospel’s penetrating. That is where the preaching of the word by an evangelist is all the word of God that’s available. Once a church is founded and the written word translated and established, I can’t see the scriptural use for the extraordianary gifts at that point.

    We always have to keep on guard against anything usurping the primacy of worship, word, and sacrament. The extraordinary gifts are signs that the spoken/preached word is indeed God’s word. Once we can confirm the same thing by way of appealing to the written word, then those gifts are not needed and actually detract from the written word.

  3. Tim Prussic said,

    An interesting article on the subject:


  4. Trey Austin said,

    Brad, i know you don’t wanna start with the “yo’ Mama” comments. I’d beat you (*AND* yo’ Mama!) down in the ground!

    Tim, i have been at both extremes at various points in my theological journey, and i think i have about landed where you’re talking. Although, for the life of me, i’ve never seen anyone post a wikipedia page and say, “Here’s a good article!”

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