2007March3, Saturday

Are You Smarter Than A Government-School Kid?

Posted in Uncategorized at 22:38 by Trey Austin

That new game-show, “Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?,” is a pretty decent show. If you haven’t seen it, you probably should. It comes on Fox network on Thursday nights now, at 21:00.

Fox was smart to put it on after American Idol every time it aired this week. That allowed everyone who watches American Idol to see it was a half-way decent show.

Lots good to say about it. Jeff Foxworthy is funny. The theme is very catchy and the designers did a great job of making the whole set fit into the overall theme. It’s also compelling; you really can put yourself in the place of these people who go on there, and you want them to be able to answer all these easy questions. Plus, it shows that it is still possible to find five children educated by our government who could possibly turn out to be productive and intelligent members of society.

I do think that they give the kids the answers ahead of time to these things. They may not say, “Here are the questions that will appear on the show,” but i do think that they do what lots of school teachers do and give a whole list of things to study, only a few of which will actually show up on the test. Of course, the adult contestants aren’t privy to even that kind of study sheet.

I also think that they find just about the dumbest contestants that they can. Having watched this show for three days straight, and having seen about six contestants already, there has been only one question that my wife and i couldn’t answer correctly. Either we’re overwhelming geniuses, or these people have taken a few too many blows to the head. I don’t think we’re geniuses, so you can figure out what i think about these folks.

Where do you sign up for this show, anyway? I could use a million dollars.



  1. Terry W. said,

    lol, exactly Trey, I could use a million myself. I agree that have to filter out the smarter adults or else they would be giving away far to much money.


    P.S. Great blog bro! Miss chatting with you.

  2. Tony said,

    This show is good and funny. The last guy on there who paused to think (his facial expressions killed me) what 2 times 5 equals was hilarious! I think he won $100,000.

  3. Trey Austin said,

    Yeah, i got a kick out of that guy. He seemed nice, but just about a half bubble off plumb. But i mean, come on, if he could make $100K, who couldn’t?

    Like i say, i’m convinced that they weed out the smart ones. They really can’t get some Jeopardy champions on there, or they’d break the bank.

  4. Trey Austin said,


    Hey, drop me an email sometime. How’re things with you?

  5. Tim Prussic said,

    Which one didn’t you know, Trey?

    I thought the hardest one was “What’s the name of the star that’s closest to the earth?” was pretty hard. And that, especially cuz it was like a 2nd grade question. I can imagine a 2nd grader saying, “Oh, yeah, that’s XRZ2105 Roma! That is a great star…”

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