2007March2, Friday

There Is a Right Way and a Wrong Way to Hang Toilet Paper

Posted in Pet Peeves at 15:59 by Trey Austin

I seriously doubt that Gargantua and Pantagruel ever argued over it, but i can tell you that one of my pet peeves is when the toilet paper roll is put on backwards. Really, this goes for more than just toilet paper; it also applies to paper towel rolls as well.

The right way to hang toilet paper is to have the flap hanging down in the front. This enables easy access to the end of the paper, and it allows for easy tearing.

Right Way

The wrong way to hang toilet paper is to have the flap hanging down in the back. Whenever i look over at the dispenser and see it improperly hung, my blood pressure always goes up just a little bit. When i don’t just switch the roll itself around, i end up having to turn the roll backwards until the flap is on top and i can grab the end to pull a piece. The problem is, though, that even when you do that, once you tear off the piece to use, that flap falls all the way back down in the back again. So annoying!

Wrong Way

There is someone at our church who either loves to hang toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls backward, or is just trying to get on my nerves. We don’t have a church custodian; we usually have a work day every month or month and a half to clean and put things right. But whoever hangs the toilet paper in between times almost invariably hangs it backwards. Same goes for the paper towels in the kitchen. When i got into the church’s kitchen to use the sink (while cooking, washing dishes, or just washing my hands), more times than not, the paper towel roll is on backward.

Please, out of the goodness of your heart, and in keeping with common sense, do everyone a favor, and hang the paper the way God intended!



  1. Tony said,

    It’s funny that you would blog about this sort of thing hahaha. It’s also a pet peeve of mine. I have two others that come to mind:

    1) Employees at stores should NOT put your coins on top of the bills when giving back your change. The coins should go in the hand FIRST and then the paper bills. The hand can easily grab the bills with one hand when the coins are already in the palm. Man that’s irritating!

    2) Whenever I drink ice tea, particularly at chinese restaurants, the ice usually melts quickly. Or, there is so much ice that they continually have to stand over my shoulder to refill it with tea (sometimes the cup is too small to begin with). It’s as if I have to shout, “I ordered ICE TEA! I didn’t merely order ICE! I didn’t merely order TEA! I ordered ICE TEA! That’s two things! Ice AND tea! Get it?! And don’t you realize that the ice usually melts quickly because the tea is warm?! Get a clue and factor that in, morons!” hahaha

  2. Trey Austin said,

    Tony, come on, take a breath!

    Even if i didn’t know you lived in that self-congratulatory state that you do, i’d still know you’re from some Southron state, because you say “Ice Tea” instead of “Iced Tea.” It’s a dead giveaway.

    You’re right about the coins, too. Although, i usually don’t have too many problems with it. I buy wallets that have a zip up coin pouch, and i just open it up to drop whatever change i get. Cash goes in there, too. I’d be much happier if they did away with all forms of paper money for everything under $10. Coins would be much better. They’ll never do that, though.

  3. Austin Bob said,

    The Germans have a great way of dealing with this problem:

  4. Austin Bob said,


    Link with above comment. My attempt at html href failed miserably.

  5. Trey Austin said,

    Austin, i lived in Germany for three years, and i remember those little contraptions. They worked pretty well (except for the ones with springs that were too tight). Believe it or not, there were actually people who tried to hang toilet paper backwards on those ingenious toilet paper rolls–at least when you hang them backwards in America, it still rolls off, but when it’s hung backwards on those things, they don’t budge!

  6. Juuso Alasuutari said,

    So true.

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