2007March1, Thursday

Mountain Oysters

Posted in Anecdotes at 12:14 by Trey Austin

For two years before and six months after we were married, my wife and i lived in central Texas (Killeen area). In that part of the country, lots of folks are in cattle ranching. There is a reason, after all, that the University of Texas has the Longhorns (a type of steer) as their mascot.

We were at church there in Texas one Sunday evening, at a church fellowship dinner, and a i was standing around jacking jaw with a bunch of those Texan fellows who had done their due on cattle ranches and slaughterhouses when they were younger. One fellow happened to mention that one way they would work so efficiently was that they would rarely take time out to eat a whole meal. They would, instead, fry up some mountain oysters, and just pop ’em as snacks while they worked. It was, he said, a great source of protein to keep them going through the day. He was a big fan, you could tell.

Well, just as he finished explaining that, my wife walked up and innocently asked what we were all talking about. The guy explained that they were talking about mountain oysters, and he asked her, “Do you like mountain oysters, Angela?” to which, she replied, “Oh, i don’t eat seafood.”


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  1. Tim Prussic said,

    I love hold outs from days of necessity. Seems like back in the day oysters must’ve been necessary (to some degree), but now-a-days?

    I can just see Costco mass marketing those bad boys in bags in the frozen food section – like those meat balls we all love so much.

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