2007February28, Wednesday

Interesting Word: “Strumpet”

Posted in Interesting Words at 22:42 by Trey Austin

From time to time i’ve come across interesting words that i don’t often hear in everyday, modern conversation. When i came across one today in some reading i was doing, i got the idea of making a category devoted to bringing out those words and their definitions for the benefit of my (few) readers, and so i can have a record to look back at the words i found interesting.

The first one of those is from something i was reading in Calvin’s commentary (in English) on Amos 2:

“A strumpet will, indeed, readily admit a son and a father without any difference, for she has no shame; and no fear of God restrains abandoned women given up to filthiness.”

Strumpet (strŭm’pĭt)
a prostitute, harlot; an adultress.

Possibility of three etymological sources (not necessarily mutually exclusive):

  1. From Latin struprata, femanine participle of struprare, “to have illicit sexual relations with.” 
  2. From Late Latin strumpum, “dishonor, violation.”
  3. From Middle Dutch strompe, “a stocking,” or strompen, “to stride or stalk.”


  1. Tim Prussic said,

    This reminds me of the line from Dumb and Dumber: “If I know her as well as I think I do, she’ll invite us right in for tea and strumpets.”

  2. HA! I’m sure no one really got that one the way it was probably intended. Those kinds of “punny” jokes often go over folks’ heads.

    One reason i actually loved the show Frasier was that they had clever little puns and cracks like that. Of course, what makes the Dumb and Dumber thing so funny is because it was supposed to be an unintended misstatement.

    Lord, sanctify my off-color sense of humor!

  3. Tim Prussic said,

    Dumb and Dumber is just plain funny.

    Dumb and Dumberer, however, was a let down. Too much sexual humor. On the other hand, the guy who played the young Lloyd did a fantasic job of being a young and energtic version of Jim Carrey’s character in the original.

    Did you ever get around to seeing Office Space?

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